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F-Gas: We keep you compliant with the law on refrigerants

F-Gas Regulation and how it affects you.

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What is F-Gas?
EU Regulation 842/2006 governs the use of certain fluorinated greenhouse gases (F Gases), often referred to as ‘refrigerants’ or ‘HFC gas’, in air conditioning and refrigeration.


The European Fluorinated Gases Regulation (“F-Gas”) governs the handling of refrigerants, leak-checking procedures, along with the training and certification of staff and the labelling of new equipment.

All Major engineers are F-Gas qualified, which means they’ll keep you compliant. No nasty surprises at inspection time.

How does F-Gas Regulation affect you?

  1. Systems with less than 3kg of Refrigerant Charge (6kg where Hermetically sealed) do not need inspection

  2. Systems holding more than 3kg but less than 30kg of HFC gas should be checked and inspected every 12 months for leaks. There should be a site log and each system should be labelled to show the date of inspection and amount of refrigerant within the system

  3. Systems with over 30kg but less than 300kg of HFC gas should be checked every 6 months or every 12 months if an automated leak detection system is fitted. The leak detection system should also be tested

  4. Systems with over 300kg of HFC should be checked every 3 months.  A leak detection system is mandatory and must be checked every 12 months

  5. All systems must be labelled

  6. All measures must be taken to prevent leaks

  7. Leaks must be repaired as soon as possible.

Any testing in accordance with British Standard EN 15004 satisfies the F Gas obligations, since it specifies that all gaseous fire protection systems be checked every 6 months.

If there is a requirement to fit Refrigerant gauges to the system for any reason, whether to test or service, the equipment should be leak-tested and, within 30 days, should be re inspected.

Breathe easy, with Major inspection

All Major engineers are REFCOM Elite members and will ensure all of your air conditioning and refrigeration equipment meets legislative standards. This means we can:

  • Can competently install, commission, decommission or maintain a system containing refrigerant

  • Are licensed waste carriers 

  • Handles refrigerants safely

  • Is compliant with all current legal requirements

  • Operates auditable procedures for the proper control of refrigerants and can account for all refrigerant used and recovered

  • Uses appropriate, purpose-designed refrigerant recovery equipment

  • Performs refrigerant transactions with minimum emissions and is environmentally aware

Further information on F-Gas legislation

To find out more, visit the Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Industry Board (ACRIB).

Got any concerns about F-gas or refrigerants?

Call us on! 01386 858 251

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