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TM44: We keep you compliant
with the law on air conditioning

What is TM44?

Assessments are required for air-conditioning systems, with an effective rated output of 12kw or more. Inspections must be undertaken at least every five years.

Here at Major Cooling & Heating, we have a team of dedicated, independent* level 4 Air Conditioning Energy Assessors / Engineers, to produce reports to the highest standards.

Along with the standard TM44 CLG report and certificate, our independent assessors produce a supplement free of charge to incorporate the following information;​

  • Recommendations

  • Equipment Energy Usage

  • Building Occupancy and Plant Schedules

  • Weekly Energy Consumption

It is the duty of the person responsible for the technical functioning of the system to ensure that a certificate is in place. The penalties are currently set at £300 on a reoccurring basis for non-compliance.

There are several potential benefits to completing this statutory inspection::
  • Compliance and avoidance of penalties

  • ISO14001 / ISO5001 Compliance

  • Improved energy rating for buildings & reductions in energy usage

  • Valid certification for Insurance, sales or lease purposes

  • Our independent assessors offer this service at highly competitive rates with further reductions for multiple buildings.

Further information on TM44 legislation

To find out more about Air-conditioning inspections for buildings visit Gov.UK 

Got any concerns about your air conditioning compliance?

Call us on! 01386 858 251

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